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What's a File?:
1) A piece of information such as: a) a song, b) a game or c) a story.

2) In the case of an file with images in it, the text and images together are 'a file'. Example: a craft with 'how-to' instructions with two images showing different completion stages.

3) If it is a PDF, then it is a file, regardless of what is in the PDF. Same goes for DOC files. Example: a Dutch Oven Cookbook with 'how-to-use-and-maintain-your-dutch-oven' with various recipes.

4) If I have scanned something that doesn't have any actual text (other than text inside the image) then that is a file.

5) To make things really confusing, some files (like my run-on collection) are comprised of all of the files for that alphabetical selection. (All of the files beginning with 'a' are shown on the "A" file.) I didn't see any reason to click-click-click all of the one or two line run-ons. So the 1,500 or so applause files that I have are shown on 26 pages. (A-Z)