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Pre-Opening Activities Information/Files
There are 264 files.
1-to-7 Calculator Game
A Lebrechaun's Mind Puzzler!
A Visit From Saint Nicholas
ABC Order
Actors' Names
All Aboard
Alphabet Challenge - pdf
Alphabet Soup
Amazing Maze
America The Beautiful
America's Symbols Quiz
American Ancestors (Brain Teaser)
American Ancestors (Brain Teaser)
American Heritage
American Waterways Quiz
Animal Celebrities
Animal Rhyme Time
Animal Rhyme Time
Animal Scramble
Animal Treasure Hunt
Animals are Loose!, The
Aptitude Test
Auto Quiz
Auto Quiz - Answers
B-l-a-s-t O-f-f
Baden Powell
Baden-powell Game
Bait the Hook
Baseball Terms
Bathroom Kits for the Homeless Shelter
Bingo's Bingo
Bizarre Backs
Bizarre Backs - Answers
Blind Man's Ball
Blind Man's Walk
Board Game With the Wind
Brain Teaser
Brain Teaser, The
Brand Matchup
Build A Campfire
California Gold Rush
Case Of The Locked Room, The
Circus Peep Show
Clean & Strong
Clue-what's In The Bag
Collection Containers
Collectors Family Quiz
Comic Strip Jumble
Cowboy Lingo Matchup
Cub Café Brain Quiz
Cub Scout Abc's
Cub Scout Alphabet Soup 01
Cub Scout Alphabet Soup 02
Cub Scout Intelligence Test
Cubs In The Future
Detective Deciphering
Do You Know That Person
Do You Know The Code
Do You Know Where?
Do You Know Your Alphabet
Do You Know Your Alphabet Answers
Do You Know Your Cars
Do you know your cars?
Do You Know Your Cars?
Do You Know?
Eye Color
Family Pledge Tree
Family Quiz
Family Tree
Famous Americans
Famous Faces
Famous Pairs
Famous Pairs
Favorite Movie Scene
Find Someone Who
Find The C Words
Find The C Words Answers
Find The Dinosaur
Find Your Caroling Partners
Fingerprint Matching
Fish Fun
Follow The Clues
Front and "Cent"er!
Gathering Game
Gathering Of The Schools (Fish)
Gathering Snowballs
Geometric Silhouettes
Get Acquainted
Get to Know You Game
Getting to Know You
Gift-wrapping Station
Going Places
Golden Phrases
Good Health Habits
Guess The Baby Food
Guess The Nation
Guess What I'm Doing Game
Guess Who I Am
Head Autograph
Help the Reindeer
Hi my name is
Holiday Bell
Holiday Name That Tune
How Many Countries Can You Name?
How Many Words
How Many Words Can You Find In the Word
How Observant Are You?
Hungry Cub
Hunt and Trade
Icebreaker: Wolf Chili
Identify the Signs
If I Were a Fish What Kind Would I Be
Impromptu Kazoo Zoo
In The Refrigerator
Indian Pre-opening Game
Indian Tribes
Instructions Test
Introduce Yourselves
Jigsaw Puzzle Ads
Jungle Animals - How Many Can You List?
Jungle Mix-up
Kitchen Broom Trick
Kitchen Tower
Knights of the Roundtable Word List
Let's Go Camping
Litter Pick Up
Magic Square, The
Map of The World
Match The Theme Park With The State
Matching Partners
May Daze
Meet Mister X
Memory Tray
Mental Test
Message Clue Cookies
Mile Race Puzzler, The
Milky Way Word Mix-up
Minced Vegetables
Mirror Messages
Monster Riddles
Mountain Climb Puzzler, The
Mummy Walk
Musical Mixers
Name That Hero
Name That State
Name That Tone
Name That Tune
Nation Scramble
Naturalist Quiz, The
Natures Secrets
Neil Alden Armstrong
Newspaper Shuffle
Ninety Triangles
Opening Activity
Outside Talent Practice
Paper Plate Pets
Parent Questionnaire
Place Cards Making
Planets - Preopening Game
Play "Barrel of Monkeys"
Plus and Minus
Poison Ball
Pollution Solution
Presidential Nicknames
Proverb Trading
Puzzle Hunt
Pyramid Building
Pyramid Of Cards
Pyramid People
Recycle Scrambler
Rodeo Trail - Pre Opening Games
Safari Tactile Test
Same But Different
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Proverbs
Scrambled Rivers
Scrambled Rivers Answers
Scrambled Water Words
Singing Waiters
Slip of The Tongue
Soggy Scramble
Spacing Problems
Spell It
Spelling Trouble
Sports Mix-ups
Sports Quiz
Sports Unscramble
Square Foot Survey
Strike Up The Band
Team Logo Geography Quiz
Telephone Number Game
Test Your Senses
Thanksgiving Crossword
The Numbers Game
Time in a Capsule Game
Tongue Twisters
Travel Across The Country
Treasure Dig
Tree Tricks
Trivia Answers
Trivia Time
True or False?
Turkey Day
Twelve Days of Cubbing
Twist and Tangle Yarn Ball
Underwater Words
Unscramble The Message
Unscramble Your Own Mess
Uses Of A Tree
Water Safety
Water, Water West
Waterways Matching Game
Weather Song Titles
Webelos Citizen Activity Pin
What Am I
What Am I?
What Am I?
What Am I?
What Am I? (Trees)
What Animal Am I
What Animal Am I?
What Dinosaur Am I?
What Is That Song?
What's In It?
What's In The Bag?
What's the Word? Bee
Wheelchair/ Crutch Relay
Which Pet Am I?
Who Am I?
Who Am I?
Who Collects What
Who Invented It?
Who Is Who? - Who Was Who?
Who's on my back
Who's Who History of Communication
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland Words
Wolf Chili
Word Games
Word Play
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Zip Zap Bop