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Pre-Opening Activity

May Daze

Think of a word that rhymes with "May" for each line of this poem.

The first is something that a horse eats.
To do the second, stay out of the street.
The third we do the last thing at night.
The fourth is a mixture of black and white.
The next is something that rides on the snow.
The sixth is where we sometimes go.
The seventh you get for work you have done.
The eighth is something that comes from the sun.
The ninth is the noise a donkey makes.
The tenth is used to carry cakes.
The 11th is turned on a potter's wheel.
The 12th is the opposite of night.

Answers: 1-Hay; 2-Play; 3-Pray; 4-Gray; 5-Sleigh; 6-Away; 7-Pay; 8-Ray; 9-Bray; 10-Tray; 11-Clay; 12-Day.