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Hike Themes:

Nature Cribbage

Prepare for this hike game by making a list of nature objects the boys are likely to see in the woods or a park. Give a point value to each item: for example, squirrel, 3 points; ant, 1; banana slug, 5; grasshopper, 3; steller's jay, 2; oak tree, 1; redwood tree, 3; dandelion, 1; woodpecker, 10; poison oak, 3; and so on.

Just before starting on the hike, each boy collects 21 pebbles, seeds or acorns and puts them in his pocket. On the hike, the first player to spot one of the items throws away the number of pebbles equal to the point value of that item. The first boy to get rid of all his pebbles wins.