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Pre-Opening Activity

Indian Tribes

The name of a different Indian Tribe is hidden in each of the following sentences, either in the middle of a word or by combining the end of a word with the beginning of the next word. Underline it when you find it. If you need help, the tribe names are listed below.

1. At the thrift shop, I found a lamp for my desk.

2. To wrap a chess set for mailing, pack each piece into the carton separately.

3. Cara wakes up every day at dawn.

4. Aspirin can reduce the discomforts of a cold.

5. May answered each question on the quiz correctly.

6. Was Del aware he had a hole in the sole of his shoe?

7. Dad told Elmo hawks were after the chicks in the yard.

8. We put each tool in its proper place over the work table.

9. The wooded acre eventually was cleared for construction.

10. In the car I banged my knee on the dashboard.

11. Joe loaned the chick a saw and a drill

12. Topaz technically is considered a mineral.

13. I told my friend, Chipp Ewald was a Danish port.

14. Everyone was fascinated when Ava Jones played the zither.

15. Shaw needed help with his algebra homework.

16. At camp I made a leather wallet for my father.

17. Cooking aroma has a great effect on one's appetite.

18. We have a cabin in Battle Creek, Iowa, along the Maple River.

19. Tanya, Kim and Elmo have been friends for a long time.

20. Paw needs to catch the coyote that is after the chickens.

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