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Pre-Opening Activity

A Lebrechaun's Mind Puzzler!

You have just found the leprechaun's pot of gold. The tricky leprechaun will only give up his gold, if you solve his mind puzzler.

1. 9=L of C (popular saying)
2. 4=O of the W (geography)
3. 12=M in a Y (math)
4. 9=P in our SS (science)
5. 4=Q in a D (math)
6. 32=DF at which WF (science)
7. 2=N of WW (history)
8. 18=H on a GC (sports)
9. 16=O in a P (math)
10. 3=S of a T (math)
11. 3=R of a C (entertainment)
12. 9=P on a BT (sports)
13. 7=D living with SW (literature)
14. 3=LP (literature)
15. 4=L on a FLC (holiday)
16. 8=R on SS without R (holiday)
17. 60= S in a M (math)
18. 1,000=W that a P is W (popular saying)

9 or less: You're just getting warmed up-keep trying!
10-13: Not badódon't stop now!
14-15: The leprechaun's getting worriedókeep going!
16-18: WOW! How are you going to get all this gold home?