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Pre-Opening Activity

Brain Teaser

1. If Jupiter is closer to the Sun than Mercury, write "V" in spaces 4, 20, 24, and 25. If not, write "S" in 4, 20, 24, and 25.

2. If it's okay to divide a number by zero, write "J" in spaces 13 and 22. If not, write "N" in spaces 13 and 22.

3.If you are the oldest person in this room, write the letter "X" in spaces 2, 7, and 23. If not, write "E" in these spaces.

4.If you like Christmas time better than being punished, indicate this with an "O" in 11 and 16. If not, leave these spaces empty.

5.Put your hands behind your back and, by counting on your fingers, find the seventh letter of the alphabet. Write it in space 6.

6. If water freezes at 64 o F, write a "P" in space 12. If not, write a "W" in that space.

7. If George Washington became president after Abe Lincoln, write nothing in space 8. If not, write a "T" in spaces 3, 8, and 15.

8. If 5 feet equals one mile, draw a hose in space 1. Otherwise, write an "L" in space 1.

9. If you're a Webelos Scout, put the letter "D" in space 10, the letter "U" in space 19, and the letter "I" in space 21.

10. If you like this kind of paper game, write the second letter of the alphabet in space 18. If you don't, write a "B" in space 18.

ANSWER: Let's get down to business