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Pre-Opening Activity

Brain Teaser, The

1. If you ever saw a cow jump over the moon, write "Q" in spaces 1, 4, 15, and 18. If not, write "R" in these spaces.

2. If "X" comes before "H" in the alphabet, write "Z" in space 3. If "X" comes after "H", write "F" in space 3.

3. If 13,467 is more than 10 dozen, write the letter "E" in spaces 2, 5, 9, 16, and 19. If it is less than 10 dozen, write "K" in these spaces.

4. If you like candy better than mosquitoes, indicate this with an "S" in 6 and 12. If not, leave these spaces empty.

5. Close one eye and without counting on your fingers, write the eighth letter of the alphabet in space 7.

6. If Shakespeare wrote "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," put a "C" in space 22. If he didn't, write a "Y" in that space

7. If white is the same color as black, write nothing in space 8. If they are different colors, write an "M" in space 8.

8. If 10 quarts equals one cup, draw an elephant in space 10. Otherwise, write an "N" in space 10.

9. If summer is warmer than winter in the northern hemisphere, put the letter "D" in space 21 and the letter "T" in space 11.

10. If you think this is silly, write the first letter of the alphabet in spaces 14 and 20. Otherwise, write as "A" in those spaces.

ANSWER: Refreshments are ready