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Pre-Opening Activity

Time in a Capsule Game

Find the Clues in the Newsletter

This is an activity that keeps our Cub Scouts busy and attentive at the start of each Pack Meeting. We hand out a monthly newsletter with articles of interest (usually about previous month's events), upcoming event announcements, and award recognition. Peppered throughout the newsletter (hidden in the middle of the text) are clues to a puzzle that the readers try to solve—usually related to the theme or to Scouting. There is also an instruction hidden in the news that tells the boys who to "go see" with the answer to get "the prize." The prize is usually access to our Pack Grab Bag that contains freebies or inexpensive items, like penlights, patches, collapsible cups, etc. This gets the boys reading the newsletter (and gets the parents of the non-readers reading too!), keeps them busy instead of just running all over the place, and sometimes even teaches them something!