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Jungle Book Story

STAGING: Lights out, artificial fire, spotlight, three Scouters dressed as campers or hunters around campfire.

CUB #l: The forest is quite and beautiful tonight, filled with friends and danger.

CUB #2: Yes, it reminds me of a book I read as a boy, "The Jungle Book", by Rudyard Kipling.

CUB #l: I think I remember that book. Wasn't that the story of a lost boy adopted by a wolf pack?

CUB #2: Yes, the wolves named him Mowgli; it means "Little Frog", because his skin was smooth and hairless.

CUB #3: How did Mowgli come to live among the wolves?

CUB #2: He wandered away from his village while Shere Khan was terrifying his village.

CUB #3: Who is Shere Khan?

CUB #2: Shere Khan was the great bullying tiger, all stripes. Teeth Like most bullies -- not very brave If you confronted him.

CUB #3: Was Mowgli immediately accepted in the wolf pack?

CUB #2: No, Mowgli, the man cub, had to get the approval of the pack and Akela. Two animals had to speak up for him.

CUB #3: Who is Akela?

CUB #2: Akela was the wise old wolf -- the head of the pack. He saw that the younger wolves all kept the law of the pack.

CUB #3: What animals spoke up for Mowgli?

CUB #2: The first to speak was Baloo, the serious old bear who taught young wolves the law of the pack. The second was Bagheera, the cunning black panther who taught the skills of the pack.

CUB #3: Where there other animals in the jungle?

CUB #2: Yes, there was Hathi, the elephant, and the Bandar-Log.

CUB #3: The Bandar-Log?

CUB #2: Yes, the Bandar-Log were the monkey people. They obeyed no laws. They were not brave; they fought only if they greatly outnumbered their foes.

CUB #3: Any other animals?

CUB #2: There was Tabaqui, the dish licker; the mean, sneaky jackal who made friends by using flattery so he could get food from them. And there was Kaa, the great serpent, who appears slow and good natured, but anyone who joins the Bandor-Log is soon swallowed up by Kaa. Some say his real name is Laziness.

CUB #l: You know Lord Baden-Powell used "The Jungle Book" as the basis of Cub Scouts.

CUB #3: I never knew that.

CUB #l: Well, it is true. There were many boys wanting a program who were too young for Boy Scouts. Baden-Powell called them "Wolf Cubs". Boy Scouts were called wolves after the Indian name for scout. And young scouts are young wolf cubs.

CUB #3: What things did Baden-Powell use from "The Jungle Book"?

CUB #2: The Cub Scout Oath/Promise is like the wolf solemn promise, the Law of the Pack is like the law of the jungle. Even the two fingers of the Cub Scout sign are the two ears of the Wolf. Many ceremonies and patches of Cub Scouting still show the origins in "The Jungle Book".

CUB #3: So that is how Cub Scouting was started.