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Jungle Safari

Setting: This ceremony is enacted between two safari goers who are tracking the ultimate game— Scouting. A narrator and a Pack of Great Cubs support them. Dress in as much safari garb as possible. You might want to lay out some photocopied tracks on the floor to lead from den to den.

TRACKER 1: Well it's time we got on the trail. There's only so much daylight and if we ever hope to follow their trail we'll have to get moving.

TRACKER 2: You're right. We better get a move on. Do you think we'll even find their trail? Not everyone can, you know.

TRACKER 1: Only one way to find out. Let's go. [Trackers start out across the floor keeping their eyes to the ground for the elusive trail.] Hey, look here! What's this track? I've seen it before, but what is it?

TRACKER 2: Oh, I know that track anywhere. It's a Tiger Cub track. Look, there are more of them. I wonder why they're here. Let's follow them to see.

NARRATOR: The trackers follow the trail to the Tiger Den, where our Tiger Cubs and their partners have been having all kinds of fun.

[Trackers move around the room to the to the Tiger Den area.]

TRACKER 1: There they are. These must be the Tigers we were tracking.

TRACKER 2: Well it's a good thing we found you! You fellas left some of your tracks behind so we are here to give them to you.

[Present beads and explain to Pack what the Tigers did to earn them.]

TRACKER 1: Okay, let's get back on the trail—there are more game out there, I'm sure.

TRACKER 2: Sure are—look at those tracks. Bobcat tracks! That's a really special track, a Bobcat is!

NARRATOR: After leaving the Tiger Cubs, our trackers have picked up another trail and have followed this to where they have found several Bobcats who are ready to receive their badges.

[Follow tracks to Bobcats receiving awards. Present Bobcat badges to parents to present to boys and explain to Pack what the Bobcats did to earn them.]

CONTINUED: Repeat this for the remaining groups. For the Weleblos, use the arrowhead as the trail sign to follow. Again, if you can make up some prints to have laid out on the floor, it will help set the stage for this awards ceremony.