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Pre-Opening Activity

Follow The Clues

This activity will take a little time to put together and has to be based on where you will meet when you run the activity. List out a bunch of things that are in the meeting place and a clue as to what each is. Depending on the boys' level, you can make the clues appropriately hard/easy. For example:

Den Flag Blue cloth with Number 4 on it that says what our Cub Scout group is.

American Flag A flag that stands for the nation.

Advancement Poster Where we track how well you are doing learning new things and completing activities.

Craft Table Where we gather to make special items with glue and paper.

Supplies Box Where the Den Leader stores materials for the Den Meetings

Stairs The up & down machine you used to get to the basement.

Good Conduct Candle What should stay shining bright throughout the meeting.

Main Door The entry way to the meeting. Etc.

Write out the clues on separate index cards (or inside folded sheets of paper) and attach each clue to an object to which the clue doesn't refer. (In other words, don't put the den flag clue on the den flag). As each boy arrives, give him a sheet of paper with a starting point for him to follow the clues. Explain that at his starting point he will find a clue to another object in the room and that he's to go to that object, write down what it is, and then follow the new clue at that object to get to the next one until he has followed all of the clues that lead back to his starting point.

After the opening ceremony (you do use opening ceremonies, right?!), have the boys take turns reading off the objects to which the clues led them until all of the objects have been identified.