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Pre-Opening Activity

Case Of The Locked Room, The

Hand out this paragraph to each of the boys to have each one try to solve the mystery.

Just as John Archer reached his apartment door, he heard the tinkle of breaking glass. "What has happened," he asked himself, as he hurried to unlock the door. His cat, Tom, brushed him in welcome, but John Archer had no time for welcomes. There on the floor, lay Mollie and Ben! "Thank goodness, they are still breathing," said John. "Their lives can be saved. Poor Mollie! Poor Ben! Who could have done this dastardly deed?" All the windows were locked. The only other way to get in was through the door. The only key to the door was in John's pocket. Nevertheless, there they lay on the living room floor amid broken glass and a pool of water, yet John knew at once who the criminal was. Can you figure out what happened and how?

Answer: Tom, John Archer's cat, did the deed! The victims were the goldfish. The sound of breaking glass was that of Tom breaking the fishbowl. The pool of water on the living room floor was the water from the fishbowl.