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Jungle Skin Slides

1 to 1 1/2-inch disks
Acrylic or enamel paints of different colors
3/4-inch PVC slide rings


Hot glue
Encyclopedias, National Geographic magazines, etc
Small "ketchup cups" (the ones at McD's) to mix colors, if needed
Toothpicks or small sticks to stir paints, if needed
Small paint brushes

Using the color photos from your books/magazines, select a specific jungle/safari animal skin pattern (like zebra or jaguar).

Using a pencil, trace (pre-draw) onto the disk the animal skin pattern you want to use.

Select needed colors. Note: If color not available in selection, mix small amounts of other colors to get the color you need. Also, nothing ties an artist to use the colors of the animals; who's never heard of a pink zebra?!

Paint the disk to match the animal skin pattern and desired colors.

When all paint is completely dry, mount the slide ring to back of disk using hot glue.