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Pre-Opening Activity

Spelling Trouble

Here's a witch's spell. She is stirring up a very special brew. But she's so excited, her words are coming out all jumbled. Help her out so everything will come out right. After all it's her THRIBYAD. Hint; Note the rhymes.

STRIF a cup of warts from a GROF,
Then a CHINP of hair MORF a hog.
A half DONUP of dried UMD.
Some GARUS for taste,
Be careful, don't STAWE,
LIBO it, or HAKSE it.
Turn it REVO and KEBA it.
Next, let it OLOC
Till it TRATSS to OLORD.
Then WORHT on black GINIC
So it's DERAY for GILNICS.
And that's the YAW you EMAK
A witch's THRIBYAD cake!

Answers. Birthday, first, frog, pinch, from, two, drops, blood, pound, mud, sugar, waste, boil, shake, over, bake, cool, starts, drool, throw, icing, ready, slicing, way, make, birthday