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Shere Khan

Shere Khan was born with a lame foot and was not able to hunt other animals properly, so he hunted only cattle which he could catch easily. Sometimes he also hunted humans.

He lived near the banks of the Waingunga River, where the villagers became very angry about him and started to hunt him. All the other animals in the area suffered whilst men with guns set fire to the grass and disturbed their dens and frightened away the game animals. Shere Khan fled the area and moved to the Seeonee River.

One night Shere Khan was hunting humans near the Seeonee River, making so much noise in the process that all other game would have fled the area long before Shere Khan would have a chance to make a kill. The noise of a tiger at night frightens humans sleeping out in the open and makes them do foolish things that make it easy for a tiger to strike. So it was on this night. The tiger leapt out of the jungle and misjudged his jump so that he landed with his paws in the fire and ran off in rage and pain. The only human that had not fled the camp was a very small Indian baby boy who was too young to know fright.