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Neighborhood Safari

Explore your neighborhood with your den, or your boys can do this with their families.

Materials: Camera and film (or disposable camera), notepad, pen, tape, poster board

With camera in hand, go for a walk around the neighborhood or visit a mall. If you are doing this with a den, have a disposable camera or two available for the boys to share. Record your adventure with the camera and notepad. What catches your eye? A funny sign? A beautiful view? A couple holding hands? A dog walking its owner? Snap it, and jot it down in the notepad. (Be sure to ask people if it's OK to take their picture)

When you get your pictures back, lay them all out. Arrange them in different ways, and see what stories they tell. Tape the pictures onto a large poster board or two. Add captions to the pictures. Have the boys come up with a funny story or script using the story board you have just created.