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Pre-Opening Activity

Family Quiz

T 1. You should always ask permission before using other people's things.

F 2. A boy under 12 should be free from all family duties.

T 3. If a person can't get home at the time he said he would, he should telephone or otherwise send word to his family.

F 4. Few parents worry if their children get poor school grades.

F 5. You should always keep loaded firearms handy in case someone tries to break into your home.

T 6. If you are responsible for younger brothers or sisters, you should know where to reach your parents in an emergency.

T 7. It helps in family harmony to keep the noise level down.

T 8. If no adult is present, you should never let a stranger into the house, even if he claims to be a repairman.

F 9. Parents should pay all their children's expenses.

T 10. Careless breakage means a family will have less money for other things.

F 11. Protecting food from flies is stupid, because they eat so little it won't make any difference in the budget.

T 12. If your family wants to add a new room to the house, the plans must be approved by the city.

F 13. Families with ordinary income can't afford to have much fun together.

T 14. Medicine can be dangerous to the family if it is unlabeled.

T 15. Garage doors should always be open if the car is in the garage with the engine running.

F 16. A boy cannot be arrested if he is under voting age.

T 17. If a family needs advice from a lawyer but can't afford it, there are organizations in the city which will help without charge.

T 18. If you are responsible for younger children, you should stay awake until the adults return.

F 19. You should not ask questions about your family's expenses.