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Pre-Opening Activity

Name That Hero

Match the person with the sentence:

1. Called a "Little Sure Shot" as a child, she grew up to star in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

2. He once rode a cyclone through four states. When he leaped off, his landing formed Death Valley, California.

3. This character is not fictional. This mighty steel-driving man had a rock-drilling contest with a steam drill and won!

4. An expert hunter, horsewoman a, sharpshooter, and scout, this colorful wild west character risked her own life to nurse smallpox patients back to health in Deadwood South Dakota.

5. This mighty man of steel would stir molten pots of metal with his bare hands. When the steel mill he worked in became too small, he melted himself to make steel for a larger building.

6. This boy and two of his friends outfitted a raft with supplies and floated into endless Mississippi adventures.

7. He became the most famous lumberjack of all times. He and his pet ox, Babe, were used as advertising for the lumber industry.

8. He killed a bear when he was only three. He was a true historical figure. He died in the Alamo.

9. He lived on his father's hacienda in southern California. Hiding his identity behind a mask, he would ride to protect the cruel Governor's victims.

10. He was a Christian missionary who planted apple orchards in the wilderness.

1. Annie Oakley; 2. Pecos Bill; 3. John Henry; 4. Martha, Calamity Jane" Canary; 5. Joe Magarac; 6. Huckleberry Finn; 7. Paul Bunyan; 8. Davy Crockett; 9. Zorro" Don Diego; 10. Johnny Appleseed