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Pre-Opening Activity

American Ancestors (Brain Teaser)

Match these real and fictional Ancestors of America with why they are remembered.

1. Paul Bunyan
2. Blackbeard
3. Rip Van Winkle
4. Benjamin Franklin
5. Paul Revere
6. Daniel Boone
7. Davy Crockett
8. Casey Jones
9. Mark Twain
10. Henry Ford
11. Johnny Appleseed
12. Abraham Lincoln

A. Spread the news the British are coming
B. Samuel Clemens
C. Very big man with blue ox
D. Freed the slaves
E. Slept for twenty years
F. Congressman turned frontiersman
G. Discovered Electricity
H. Father of mass production
I. Was a pirate at sea
J. Established apple tree nurseries
K. Railroad hero
L. Hunter of Kentucky

Answers: 1. C,2. I, 3. E, 4.G, 5.A, 6. F, 7. L,8. K, 9. B, 10. H, 11. J, 12. D