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Pre-Opening Activity

Cub Scout Abc's

Do you know your ABC'S?

A Name of an important Cub Scout leader
B The first rank for all boys who join Cub Scouting
C A leader of the pack
D A Boy Scout who helps in a den
E Highest rank in Boy Scouts
F Something Cub Scouts learn to respect
G This means cheerfulness and kindness, part of the Law of the Pack
H A journey on foot that Cub Scouts like to do
I You must wear correct uniform to pass this
J The book that tells about Mowgli and Baloo
K The 30-foot python who saved Mowgli
L Something we do when we're happy
M "Do Your Best"
N Part of the Cub Scout uniform
O An important part of Scouting--hiking, field trips, etc.
P Cub Scouts race home-made cars
Q What everyone is when the Cub Scout sign is given
R A Webelos activity badge
S A kind of arrow point
T The youngest group in the pack
U What we wear to show we're in Cub Scouting
V What all adult leaders are
W What a fourth grade Cub Scout is called
X You can make this instrument from metal tubes
Y Another name for a den cheer
Z A place Cub Scouts like to go for a field trip


Akela; Bobcat; Cubmaster; Den Chief; Eagle; Flag or Family; Goodwill; Hike; Inspection; Jungle Book; Kaa; Laugh; Motto; Neckerchief; Outing; Pinewood Derby; Quiet; Readyman; Silver; Tiger Cubs; Uniform; Volunteers; Webelos Scout; Xylophone; Yell; Zoo