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Pre-Opening Activity

American Waterways Quiz

1. Which State has the most waterfalls?

2. Which three rivers are shared with another country [Canada and Mexico]?

3. Which state has the most man made lakes?

4. Which waterfall is the most famous?

5. Which lakes border Canada?

6. Which three States border Lake Superior?

7. Which U.S. River is the longest, 2,348 miles?

8. Which is the 2nd longest, 2,315 miles?

A. Niagara River, Rio Grande, St. Lawrence.
B. California [8]
C. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota.
D. Utah—Utah, Lake Mead, Lake Powell
E. Ontario, Champlain, Erie, Huron, Superior, Memphremogog, Lake of the woods.
F. Mississippi.
G. Missouri
H. Niagara Falls

Answer: 1-B 2-A 3-D 4-H 5-E 6-C 7-F 8-G