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Jungle Book Ceremony For Advancement

People required: Akela, the leader of the wolf pack (the Cubmaster), Monkey Person 1, Monkey Person 2

Props: Wadded paper, frisbees, paper airplanes, foam balls, or other items that the Monkey People will throw


• Because the Monkey People are not seen by the audience and may be slightly farther away than Akela and the cubs, they should have a very loud voices. If you are using a microphone but only have one, give it to the Monkey People.

• Have a spare Wolf badge or two on hand for boys that pop up after the badges have been ordered (this can also save you from having to do another Bobcat ceremony next pack meeting). If you use a spare badge, make sure that a replacement badge is ordered in the cub's name. Otherwise, his records at the council headquarters will not be current!

• If you are using this ceremony for the first time, practice the wolf howl by using it as a spirit cheer at the beginning of the pack meeting.

• Dim the lighting at the beginning of the ceremony for better atmosphere.

• With some minor wording changes, this ceremony can also be used for advancement to bear. Akela: The moon is full, just as it was long ago on that night in the jungle when Mowgli first joined the Seeonee wolf pack. It has been many years since Mowgli returned from living with the wolves. After he returned, he taught us many of the lessons he learned while in the jungle. The most important was that the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. That is why we are here tonight in this council ring. In the jungle, Mowgli was protected by Bagheera, the panther, and was taught the ways of the jungle by Baloo, the great bear. Tonight, we have several boys who have been following the teaching of the bobcat, the American cousin of Bagheera. They have walked his trail and have learned much. Tonight, in this council ring, we shall welcome these boys to the rank of Wolf. So let us begin. Parents, bring forward these man cubs.

(Akela calls out the names of the wolf candidates. Parents and wolf candidates come forward and face the rest of the pack.)

Akela: My young cubs who want to be wolves, many moons ago, you learned the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. Since then, you have followed that law in your den, and you have learned many things. Tonight.....

(From an unseen place off stage, the Monkey People interrupt and throw wadded paper at Akela and the boys.)

Monkey person 1: Laws, laws, laws! Rules, rules, rules! What a drag!

Monkey person 2: Man cubs! Come with us to the tops of the trees. Man cubs! Come with us and play.

Akela: Oh no! The Bandar-log, the Monkey People!

Monkey person 1: We have no laws or rules. We are free! Come and play!

Akela: Silence! Once, when Mowgli disobeyed Bagheera, his teacher, he was captured by the Monkey People, the Bandar-log. The wolves despise the Monkey People because they have no law of the pack. The Monkey People think they are so smart that they do not need laws. But because they have no laws, they do not help each other. Instead of following Akela and cooperating, they fight among themselves. Because of this sorry behavior, the Monkey People have no pride, no strength of character, they aren't honest, they do not do their duty to God, and all the jungle knows it.

Monkey person 2: Laws and rules! Rules and laws! Who needs all that! Come and play!

Akela: You irresponsible monkeys! These man cubs have learned better! As they have walked the bobcat trail, they have learned that the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack are important!

(Akela reads a list of various pack and den activities, (see end of ceremony for examples) ...)

You useless monkeys! You would rather have no laws and play in the tree tops than even to see that your own friends have enough food. Even now these boys have been helping the pack by selling pizzas! You selfish monkeys! You would only work to help yourself!

Monkey person 1: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Talk! Talk! Talk! These boys would rather not bother with all that! They really don't like all your pack laws and rules.

Monkey person 2: Yeah man cubs! You don't need to follow all those promises and rules and all that junk! Come on and play!

Akela: Silence Monkey People! I will show you that these boys have learned better! I will give them each a choice.

(Call each wolf candidate forward, one at a time, ask each of them the following….)

Akela: (boys name), I have here your wolf badge that you have earned! Do you want to accept this rank, remain a cub in this pack, and go on to study the ways of Baloo, the bear, or do you want to run with the Bandar-log, the Monkey People who have no laws?

(After the boy has answered yes, Akela gives Cub Scout handshake and hands him his wolf badge.) (After each boy has accepted his badge ...)

Akela: Man cubs, you have chosen wisely. So that those useless Bandar-log will know what we expect of you, give the Cub-Scout sign with your right hand and repeat the Cub-Scout Promise with me.

I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.

Akela: So let us all now repeat the law of the pack. Will all scouts that are here tonight please stand and give the scout sign and repeat the law of the pack with me?

The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout helps the pack go. The pack helps the scout grow. The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

(Akela motions for audience to be seated.)

Akela: Pack ___! Your fellow cubs have chosen wisely! Let us salute them and tell these Monkey People to be gone with a good wolf howl!

(Akela leads pack in wolf howl.)

Sample Activities ...

Last Christmas, this pack gave goodwill by singing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Some of them saw lonely old people crying with happiness because these man cubs came to share their love with them. You good for nothing monkeys! You wouldn't do something like that. This pack has collected food for the hungry. You useless monkeys! You would rather have no laws and play in the tree tops than even to see that your own friends have enough food. Even now these boys have been helping the pack by selling candy! You selfish monkeys! You would only work to help yourself!