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Jungle Book Invocation For Meetings of Adult Leaders --- Short Version For Small Meetings

We approach Thee, oh Great Akela of All the Packs, and ask Thee to join Thy love for the Cubs with ours, making our efforts mighty. Join with us in this effort to (insert purpose of meeting) . Grant us the patience of Baloo as we teach our Cubs. Grant us the strength of Bagheera, as we protect the Cubs that have been entrusted to our care. Grant us wisdom that we may lead the Cubs away from the evil of Shere Khan and the irresponsibility of the Bandar-log. Help us to do our best, to do our Duty to God and to our Country. Provide us the opportunities to help other people and help us to obey the Law of the Pack. In all of this we can teach the Cubs in our care by our example, which will speak louder than our words. AMEN