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Hike Themes:

Tips On Taking A Hike

Taking a hike can help you develop new skills that will enable you to help your Cub Scouts learn by exploring. These skills include:

Looking versus Seeing: Everyone can look, but you have to learn to see. Seeing may include; the differ- ences in color, pattern, and movement due to the way things are lighted, or by looking for reflections and shadows. Try looking at objects if different ways, such as through cupped hands, or a piece of card- board with a pinhole in it, or through a magnifying glass.

Silence versus Noise: Talking may help or hinder observation. Try getting your boys to observe quietly. Remember: Noise can often scare away creatures or prevent you from listening to the birds singing, twigs snapping, wind blowing, or streams babbling.

Doing Something You've Never Done Before: Try doing something you've never done before, such as crushing and smelling a piece of tree bark, looking for patterns in a moving stream, making a hand print in the soft mud. These activities may help you see the world from nature's point of view.