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Pre-Opening Activity

What Animal Am I?

1. My coat is shaggy, my tail is waggy
I'm man's best friend, so they say.
I like to slurp, and will even work,
And love to engage in horseplay.

2. Is it right that I am white
With stripes of black amusing?
Or am I black with white rick-rack?
It's really most confusing.

3. I crawl on my belly, I'm never smelly,
But most folks try to keep away,
I smell with my tongue, like to bask in the sun,
And don't much like to play,

4. I honk and waddle, in water I paddle,
When we're in a crowd, it's a gaggle.
Although I'm a bird and my tail is curled,
I always win, in a haggle.

5. I can sing like an oboe, they call me a lobo,
I like to live in a pack,
I can live in desert, prairie, mountains or snow,
If I eat one little sheep they go loco!

ANSWERS: 1-Dog 2-Zebra 3-Snake 4-Goose 5-Coyote