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Pre-Opening Activity

Cubs In The Future

Time Capsule - Have everyone bring a picture of themselves or of the family. Have them write while they are gathering a thought about what they think the future will be in 10 years from now and what today's time is like. How will life be? Date them and place them in the Time Capsule. Have the small children draw a futuristic picture. Date the capsule so that in the year 2015 at a Pack Meeting you can open, read, and enjoy the past. You can compare what was said about the future and how close to right they were. To make the time capsule you can find a plastic bottle (Sam's Club has animal cookies in a large jar). Use the cookies for den. Decorate the Capsule, date it and bring it to pack meeting. Store it in a Scout closet or Leaders home. Just be sure that it is handed down so it will be there in the future to open and enjoy.