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Pre-Opening Activity

Who Invented It?

1. Telephone
2. Phonograph
3. Dynamite
4. Power Loom
5. Telegraph
6. Steamboat
7. Reaper
8. Vulcanized rubber
9. Nylon
10. Thermometer
11. Penicillin
12. Airplane

Alfred Nobel
Alexander Graham Bell
Charles Goodyear
Galileo Galilei
Sir Alexander Fleming
Samuel F. B. Morse
Edmund Cartwright
Robert Fulton
Wilbur and Orville Wright
Cyrus McCormick
Thomas Alva Edison
The DuPont Company

Answers: 1. Alexander Graham Bell, 2. Thomas Alva Edison, 3. Alfred Nobel, 4. Edmund Cartwright 5. Samuel F. B. Morse, 6. Robert Fulton, 7. Cyrus McCormick, 8. Charles Goodyear, 9. The DuPont Company 10. Galileo Galilei, 11. Sir Alexander Fleming, 12. Wilbur and Orville Wright