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Seeonee Pack, The

On the banks of the Seeonee River, deep in the jungle, there lived and hunted a pack of wolves. This pack was ruled by a great grey Lone Wolf called Akela, who held a Pack Council around a hilltop covered with stones around which, hundreds of wolves could hide. This hill was known as the Council Rock, and Akela would lead the meeting by lying on his rock at the centre of the hill, with the wolves (about 40 odd) sitting around him in a circle much as Cubs form a circle around a leader to hear what he has to say and to do the Grand Howl.

The honourable members of the animal kingdom had a set of rules by which they lived. These rules were known as the Law of the Jungle. This Law was for the good of all and not just for a few members of the animal kingdom at the expense of the others. In our society we also have laws that are for the good of the whole society and not just for a few individuals. In Cub Scouts we also have our own Law that is also for our good as members of society.

The Law of the Jungle covered a wide range of subjects including a ban on killing domesticated animals for food because their meat was not good for wolves' health, a ban on killing humans because t sportsmanlike to kill them (secretly the reason was that if a human was killed by an animal, then other humans would come into the jungle with guns to seek out the culprit and then all the animals would suffer). It was also said that an animal that eats human flesh will have his teeth fall out. Basically, if all the animals obeyed these laws then the community would prosper.

At the Council Rock, the wolves would affirm their loyalty to the leader and to the Law of the Jungle. Wolves hunt as a pack. A lone wolf is not as successful a hunter as a whole pack.

Baloo the bear taught all the cubs of the Seeonee Pack the Law of the Jungle, and for this reason, was the only animal other than a wolf, who was a member of the pack.

Some animals lived outside the Law of the Jungle and these were despised by all the animals. The Bandar-log (the monkey people) were despised because they did not follow the Law of the Jungle (or any other law for that matter) and merely lived from day to day doing whatever pleased them for the moment. They would make a rule and then break it almost immediately because they found it too inconvenient. In other words they gave in to themselves. The other animals could not respect anyone who was so weak that they could not see any task to its end. The Bandar-log resented the fact that they were despised by the other animals.

Another animal that lived outside the Law of the Jungle and was despised by the Seeonee Pack was Shere Khan the lame tiger.