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Pre-Opening Activity

Singing Waiters

Materials: Serving trays or platters, plastic cups and plates,a list of public-domain songs, paper, pencils, dinner bell.

Participants gather by food group and write a song pertaining to their food group. For instance, if their group is the milk group, they could write a song about milk or cheese-their choice. When they have completed their song, the "head waiter" rings the dinner bell, signaling for all to stop and listen to their creation. The head waiter puts a cup of water (or plate of play food) on a tray, and the rest of the group gathers round and sings the song. The vegetable group, the meat group, etc., do the same. Keep in mind that theremay be more than one group of each, but they chooose what to write a song about.

A sampling of tunesfrom the public domain: "The Farmer in the Dell,""London Bridge Is Falling Down,""Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here," the Good Old Summertime," "My Bonnie," "Harrigan," "Shine on, Harvest Moon," and "Alexander's Ragtime Band."