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Pre-Opening Activity

Do You Know Your Cars?

From these hints, can you name the cars?

1. Our 16th president
2. 1st colony in New England
3. Indian Chief
4. Theater where Lincoln was shot
5. Mountain lion
6. Spotted tropical cat
7. Bright color
8. Not rural
9. Wild horse
10. Roman mythical god
11. Tall building in New York
12. Large planet
13. Army service vehicle
14. Japanese warrior
15. Constellation "Bull"
16. Lake in the Sierras


1-Lincoln; 2-Plymouth; 3-Pontiac; 4-Ford; 5-Cougar; 6-Jaguar; 7-Neon; 8-Suburban; 9-Mustang; 10-Mercury; 11-Chrysler; 12-Saturn; 13-Jeep; 14-Samurai; 15-Taurus; 16-Tahoe