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Pre-Opening Activity

America The Beautiful

Draw a line from the Scenic Wonder to the state in which it is located:

1. Niagara Falls                 A.   New York
2. Mammoth Cave                  B.   Washington
3. Pikes Peak                    C.   Arizona
4. Mount Rushmore                D.   South Dakota
5. Old Faithful                  E.   South Dakota
6. Padre Island                  F.   Wyoming
7. Badlands                      G.   Colorado
8. Petrified Forest              H.   Kentucky
9. Death Valley                  I.   California
10. Mount Rainier                J.   Texas
11. Jamestown Settlement         K.   Wyoming
12. Grand Canyon                 L.   Virginia
13. Sequoia National Park        M.   Colorado
14. Yellowstone National Park    N.   Arizona
15. Mesa Verde                   O.   California

Answers: 1-A,  2-H,  3-G,  4-E,  5-F,  6-J,  7-D,  8-C,  9-I,  10-B,  11-L,  12-N,  13-0,  14-K,  15-M