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Pre-Opening Activity

America's Symbols Quiz

1. The right hand of the Statue of Liberty holds a torch.
2. Which is taller - the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument?
3. What words are inscribed on the ribbon held in the mouth on the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States?
4. In the Great Seal, what is the eagle carrying in its talons?
5. What denomination of currency has the Great Seal printed on it?
6. How many people can fit inside the head of the Statue of Liberty?
7. What is the official U.S. Motto?
8. Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the "Star-Spangled Banner" when he saw the flag still flying over what fort?
9. Name the four U.S. Presidents carved in the Mt. Rushmore memorial in South Dakota.
10. The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created?


1. Book
2. The Washington Monument
3. E pluribus Unum (one out of many)

4. Arrow symbolizing war and an olive branch of peace 5. The $1.00 bill
6. 40
7. In God We Trust
8. Ft. McHenry
9. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
10. Equal