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Jungle Tales

Props: 10 large pieces of cardboard (2 for each Cub). Front piece should have face of animals: lion, elephant, monkey, zebra and snake. The back should have a yarn tail hanging. Hang boards over boys sandwich style leaving heads exposed.

Cub #1: (Lion) I'm a lion and I'm very fierce. I stalk the jungle looking for food. (Cub turns around)

Cub #2: (Elephant) I'm an elephant, the biggest animal in the jungle. People use me for hard work. (Cub turns around)

Cub #3: (Monkey) I'm a monkey and I swing from tree to tree. I love bananas. (Cub turns around)

Cub #4: (zebra) I look like a horse with stripes. I'm a zebra but I don't know if I'm white with black strips or black with white stripes. (Cub turns around)

Cub #5: (Snake) I'm a snake. I do my work very close to the ground. if you come up to me, I might bite (Cub turns around)

Cub #6: This is the end of our jungle tales

(all animals shake tails)

(Color Guard posts flags and Pledge of Allegiance is said.)