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Pre-Opening Activity

Let's Go Camping

Find the CAPITALIZED words in the puzzle.

It's fun to go camping in the summertime. We pack our CAR and drive to our favorite campsite near a LAKE. FIRST, we pitch our TENT and gather WOOD. Someone must get drinking WATER in a PAIL. When our camp is ready, we go for a SWIM or launch our BOAT and try to catch some FISH for dinner. We HIKE in the woods and find a good climbing TREE. We build a small CAMPFIRE and cook dinner in a POT. For dessert there are MARSHMALLOWS to roast. When the sun goes down, we light our LANTERN and sit around the warm fire and SING. The MOON and the STARS always seem brighter when we're far from town. Soon it is time for each of us to curl up in a SLEEPING BAG and let the gentle night sounds lull us to sleep.