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Pre-Opening Activity

Animal Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent icebreaker for indoors or outdoors and will get everyone in the pack involved. Before the game starts, hide peanuts or wrapped candy, a lot of it, in as many places as possible. Each den, including parents, chooses a team captain (it could be the denner), and they also choose an animal call such as a crow, cow, donkey, etc. The object of the game-the team is to find the hidden objects and give the call, caw, caw, caw) pointing at the candy or peanut. The team captain tries to collect as many of the items as possible locating them from the calls of his team members. The captain is the only one that can collect, and the team members function is to find and give their call. The team with the greatest number of candy or peanuts wins. A group prize could be given to each of the winning team, such as a peanut