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Pre-Opening Activity

Who Is Who? - Who Was Who?

Try to get this gathering activity completed by 7:30. When you find someone here who fits the descriptions in #1 - #10. have him/her write their name in the blank provided. (You can fill in the rest of the questions yourself.)

1. Someone who wears size 8 1/2 shoes:

2. Someone with blue eyes:

3. Someone who plays a musical instrument:

4. Someone with red hair:

5. Someone with a younger sister:

6. Someone who likes liver:

7. Someone who speaks a foreign language:

8. Someone who was born in another state:

9. Someone who has a birthday in January:

10. Someone who was a Cub Scout as a boy:

11. Who was the founder of Scouting?

12. When was the Boy Scouts of America incorporated?

Three men are generally regarded as the "fathers of' Scouting in the United States. They were:

13. E S

14. D B

15. J E. W

16. In which year did Cub Scouting begin in the U.S.?

17. The words PACK, DEN, AKELA and the LAW OF THE PACK come from a book by an English author The book was written by