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Mowgli Joins The Pack

(Tune: Clementine)

In the jungles of far off India
On a moonlit summer night,
Came a man-cub to a wolf den.
Mother Wolf said, "Treat him right."

"We will raise him as our own cub.
We will be his family.
Since his skin is smooth and hairless,
We will name him Mowgli."

Shere Khan, the hunting tiger,
Soon claimed Mowgli as his own.
So the wolf pack held a meeting,
Would they adopt this man-cub boy?

First Baloo, the wise old bear,
Who trained the wolf cubs of the fold,
Stepped up front and said, "I will teach him
The law and ways of the jungle."

Next Bagheera, the black panther,
Slinked into the council ring,
Promised fresh food from the valley,
If the pack would accept Mowgli.

After two spoke for the man-cub,
He could then join with the pack.
Before Akela they swore to teach him
And protect him from attack.