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Mowgli and The Red Flower


Equipment: 1 red scarf or beanbag

Formation: Circle

Pick one player as Mowgli. He hides his eyes. Pick another player as 'it', without letting Mowgli know who 'it' is. Mowgli then comes into the village (circle) and tries to get the Red Flower (fire). The player who is 'it' tries to catch Mowgli before he can leave the village with the Red Flower. 'It' cannot move until Mowgli touches the Red Flower. Mowgli must enter and leave at the same point in the circle. The two boys he enters between can put up their arms to signify a gate, so Mowgli will remember where to leave. If Mowgli is caught by the villager before he leaves the village, the villager becomes Mowgli and a new villager is chosen. If Mowgli leaves the village before he is caught, he gets to try again with a new villager. Have the boys in the circle lunge in a couple of times to confuse Mowgli so he doesn't know who the villager is.