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Jungle Book Theme Advancement Ceremony

Group is seated in a council circle, adults toward the back and boys in front on the floor. As each group comes forward, they stand in the middle of the circle to be seen by all.

CUBMASTER: (Dressed as Akela, leader of the Wolf pack, howls like a wolf.) The time has come to look at the new Cubs of the pack in order to recognize them as worthy members of the pack. Then, when the rest of the pack sees them in the jungle, they will know them and protect them. Let us start with the young Cubs. Who will speak for the Bobcats?

BAGHEERA: As a member of the cat family I, Bagheera, will speak for the Bobcats.

(Calls forward new Bobcats and their parents.) These are the young ones, but they have already begun to show their skills. Great Akela, I present these Cubs to the pack. (Akela awards Bobcat badges to parents, who give them to the boys. He then congratulates them and they are seated with rest of the pack.)

CUBMASTER: Now it is time for the Wolves. Who speaks for the Wolves?

MOTHER WOLF: Great Akela, I, Mother wolf, speak for the Wolves. I have nurtured them and watched them grow as they have learned the skills of the wolf. These young ones are ready to be recognized. (Calls forward new Wolves and their parents. Akela looks them over, accepts them into the pack, gives awards to parents to give to boys.)

CUBMASTER: Next, we are ready for the Bears. Who speaks for the Bears?

BALOO: I, Baloo, will speak for the Bears. I have taught them well the Law of the Pack. They have come far and are ready to be recognized by the pack. (Calls the new Bears and their parents forward.

Looks them over, nods head approvingly and presents them to Akela, who awards badges to parents to give to boys.)

CUBMASTER: Now we are ready for the most mature members of the pack to be recognized for their achievements. Who speaks for the Webelos?

WEBELOS LDR: I speak for the Webelos, oh great Akela. Truly, they are the most experienced in the pack. Let me tell you of their great accomplishments.

(Call Webelos forward and presents Webelos awards.)

CUBMASTER: I have looked over the members of the pack and I am proud to be their leader. Come, all pack members, join me in a Grand Howl.