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Jungle Book

When you joined the pack, you learned part of The Jungle Book, "The Story of Akela and Mowgli" in your Wolf book. This story tells us about how the pack takes in a man cub and protects him from many dangers. The pack accepts him into their brotherhood and trains him in the ways of the pack. For him to be accepted into the pack, he must have two of the pack speak for him. In the story, Baloo the brown bear would teach him the Law of the Pack. And Bagheera the black panther will teach him the skills of the jungle.

You have learned your lessons well. You have shown your knowledge of the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto. You have completed the seven tracks to your Bobcat badge. You also have followed the Cub Scout Motto, Do Your Best. /(Hand parents the badges)/


These Bobcat badges are presented by your parents to you to signify the help and support the parents give to all Scouts. As Akela is the head of the pack, your parents guide and teach you in the ways of the pack. The badge is to be pinned upside down until you complete a good turn. /(Parents pin on badges) /Pack _____, I present you our newest Bobcats!

From our story we remember that Bagheera the black panther was to teach the man cub the skills of the jungle. This path is longer and harder than the Bobcat trail. When you entered this path, you undertook the responsibility to learn of the 12 tracks of achievement. They included feats of skill, patriotism, health, community, family and worship. You have successfully completed these paths and have shown your skill and knowledge. You have followed what you learned as a Bobcat and have done your best. Your path will continue and you will learn more skills this year as you work on your electives. /(Hand parents the badges) /Your Wolf badges have been given to your parents to signify the help that they give in teaching you the ways of the pack. /(Parents pin on the badges, right side up)/


Pack _____ , I present you with our newest Wolves!

Baloo, the wise old brown bear, was always asked to the Pack Council because he was wise and taught the wolf cubs the Law of the Pack. He stood his ground and taught them well. All the wolf cubs learned of God, country and self. They learned games, skills, and leadership. Baloo taught them well to be brave and strong. Akela oversaw the training and approved. You all have followed the Law of the Pack, the Cub Scout Promise, and the Cub Scout Motto, and have done well. /(Hand parents the badges) /Your Bear badge has been given to your parents who will present it to you. Parents, your continued support of your sons shows in their good work along the Cub

Scouting trail. /(Parents pin on the badges) /Pack ____, I present you our newest Bears!