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Pre-Opening Activity

The Numbers Game

Use the following numbers to fill in the blanks for each statement. Each number listed is used once.

1 2 4 4 8 10 12 24 114

There are _____ steps in the Bobcat Trail (include Parent Guide).

_____ fingers are used in the Cub Scout salute and sign.

You must complete _____ achievements to the earn Wolf badge or the Bear badge.

The Bear Achievements are divided into _____ major groups.

Although not all must be completed, Bear Cubs can select from _____ possible Bear Achievements to earn your Bear badge.

On the trail to earning your Bear badge, you will earn _____ Progress Toward Rank beads.

You must complete _____ electives for each arrow point earned.

Our pack number is _____.

There is _____ Cubmaster in our pack.