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I have no recollection where I obtained this file from, but here are close to 800 activities for Boy Scouts to do. They're broken down in to 50 fairly specific categories.

My best guess is that the file probably originated in Ireland, and I base this on the spelling, references to "Garda" (Police), and some of the activity references. I think a vast majority of the activities can be used as they are shown or adapted for your local circumstances.

The file is great for last minute ideas for fill-ins for absent leaders, or simply just coming up with an idea when you're totally blank. (Like that hasn't happened before.)

 Duty to God
 Fire Lighting
 First Aid
 High Land Adventures
 Keep Fit
 Low Level Adventures
 Map Reading
 Night Adventures
 Ocean Adventures
 Patrol Activities
 Rope Work
 Tape Recorder
 Water Activities
 Water Adventures
 Weather Lore
 Wide Games