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Scouting Funnies and Humor
There are 93 files.

16 1/2 Rumors About Scouting, The
A joke about some scouts in a cemetery
A letter from camp
A Snippet From Dilbert Newsletter
Actual Exit-comments by Wilderness Users
Actual Questions posed to the National Park Service
All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Computers
Annual Bulwer-lytton Award, The
Are you a Wood Badger?
Artificial Respiration
Be A Kid Again
Be Kind to Dumb Animals (by John Ciardi)
Bear Prayer
Bear Warning Memo
Camp pranks
Camping Basics
Camping Tips
Camping Tips
Chilling Out and Other Goofy Things to Do
Cub Scout Leaders to change a light bulb?
Dear Mom
Dear Mom & Dad
English Spelling
Favorite Camping Recipe
Fifteen Steps to Build A Campfire
Fifteen Steps to Building a Campfire
Five-Star Dump, The
Food Spoilage Table
Forgotten any essential equipment?
Fred's Fault
From Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys
Good Deed
Grandmother, Boy scout, Teacher, and Smartest Man In the World, The
Help Wanted - New Scoutmaster
How to Build a Campfire
How to Know When You're Growing Older
I am a den leader
Ineffective Daily Affirmations
Job Search
Leader's Survival Checklist
Making a fire
Mir Formality
MOO-jita Scale
Murphy Was A Scouter
Murphy's Laws of Camping
News Flash!!! Grizzly Bear Warning from the Department of Fish & Game
One-Hundred and One Scouting Rules
Parable of the Popper
Sage Advice
Scout Letter from Summer Camp
Scouter's Wife and the Scout's Mother, The
Scouting Jokes
Scoutmaster Merit Badge
Sherlock Holmes goes Camping
Silver Penknife, The
Sixteen Steps to build a Camp Fire, The
Smithsonian Exhibition.
Some other jokes
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
Thirteen Steps to Build a Campfire
Thoughts to Get You Through Almost Any Crisis
Three Things You Need to Survive
Time and How We See It
Top 12 ways our Troop would change if Martha Stewart was our Scoutmaster....
Top 15 Signs Your Local Girl Scout Troop Hates You, The
Top Ten Excuses for Getting Lost on a Hike
Top Ten Pick-Up Lines You Can Use While Wearing Your Scout Uniform
Top ten pick-up lines you can use while wearing your Scout uniform.
Top Ten Reasons Why I'm In Scouting
Top Ten Reasons Why Not to Be An Eagle Scout
Top Ten Reasons you might be a Boy Scout
Top Ten Signs You're At A Bad Summer Camp
Top Ten Signs You're in a Bad Boy Scout Troop
Top Ten things about snow camping
Top Ten Ways You Know it was a Great Camp
Tucker Stew
Twenty Steps to Successful Fire-Lighting
Universal Laws of Boy Scout Summer Camp
What they DON'T teach you at Scouts
Wild Moose and Boar Training
World's Strangest People, The
You Just Might Be A Scoutmaster If
You Know It Was a Great Camp When
You Know You're a Cub Leader When
You Know You're A Scouter When
You might be a Boy Scout if
You Might be a Boy Scout if....
You might be a Scout
You might be a Scout Leader
You might be a Scout Leader
You Might Be a Scout(er)
You Might Be Taking Scouting Too Seriously If