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Scouting/Scout History

Yarns written by BP in 1918, 1919 and 1920

History items from Retired Scouter's files:

A Mission Statement For Scouting
A Survey of Rover Scouting in Victoria, (Australia) 1948
America's First Eagle Scout
B.P., Gilwell and Scouting
Baden Powell- Our Founder
Baden-Powell - Chief Scout of the World - pdf
Baden-Powell - pdf
Baden-Powell - pdf
Baden-Powell Background - pdf
Baden-Powell Chief Scout of the World - pdf
Baden-Powell of Gilwell - Chief Scout of the World
Baden-Powell Quotations - pdf
Be Prepared !
Be Prepared, in other languages
Beginnings of the Movement, The
Birth of Scouting, The
Bobcat, The
Books About Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Books By Baden-powell
Books by Ernest Thompson Seton (Alphabetically)
Books by Ernest Thompson Seton (Chronologically)
Boone, Daniel
Boyce, William D. (1858-1929)
BP On Religion and Duty to God
BP's Scout Law
Brownsea Island
BSA Historical Highlights - 1910's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1920's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1930's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1940's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1950's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1960's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1970's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1980's
BSA Historical Highlights - 1990's
BSA Historical Highlights - 2000's
Chief Scout of the World
Chief's Last Message to Boy Scouts
Cornwell Badge, The
Cub Scout Derbies
Cub Scout History
Cub Scout Kim's Game
Cub Scouting History Notes
Dan Beard's Recipe For Scouting
Daniel Carter Beard
Defense of Mafeking, The
Den Aide, The
Do Something
Elizabeth Fry
First Gilwell Park Group, The
Founders of the BSA - pdf
Green Bar Bill - William Hillcourt
Harcourt, William "Green Bar Bill"
History of Cub Scouting - pdf
History of Cub Scouting, The
History of Scouting in Sarawak
History of the American Boy Scout Bugles - pdf
History of the American Boy Scout Bugles - pdf
History of the Order
History of the Queens Scout Award - UK - pdf
How to Catch Our Boys
I Promise
Importance of the Patrol Leader, The
Information about Baden-Powell
Kipling, Rudyard
Kudu Horn, The
Late Lord Baden-Powell, The
Leather Lace, The
Left Handshake by Lady Baden-Powell, The
Look Wide - A 75th Anniversary Poem
Low, Juliette - Girl Scout Founder - pdf
Man, The
Many Names of Baden-Powell, The
Matlock Bath - Great Scout Parade - March 24th, 1917 - pdf
Milestones in the Progress of Scouting - UK - pdf
Milestones in the Progress of Scouting - UK - pdf
Most Famous Daily Good Turn, The
National BSA Good Turns - Origin
Origin of The World Scouting Symbol
Origins of the Woodbadge, The - pdf
Quotations from BP.
Saint George
Scout Badge, The
Scout Handshake, The
Scout VCs of Two World Wars - pdf
Scouting Invades The United States
Seton, Ernest Thompson
St. George - The Patron Saint of Scouting - pdf
St. George and a Smile
St. Patrick of Ireland
Statements by Lord Baden-Powell on Duty to God
Tale of the Unknown Scout, The
Unknown Scout, The
US Scout Badge
USA - The Boy Scout Handshake
Wearing the Uniform
West, James E.
White Scarf, The
Wood Badge Beads
Wood Badge, The
World Crest
World Scout Symbol, The