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Campfire Openings
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A Fire Lighting Invocation
A Little Bit of Kindness
A Little Extra Comfort
A Poetic Council Fire Lighting Ceremony
As Glow the Hearts
As Our Campfire Grows and Grows
As our Campfire Smoke curls Upward
As our Music Cheers Us
As the Flames Point Upwards
As the fuel is brought to the fire
As the Red Log Glows
Australian Campfire Opening
Automatic Applause
Beauty of Fire, The
Behold the Campfire
Behold the fire
By the shore of old Lake….
By These Clear Waters
Campfire Ceremony
Campfire Greeting
Campfire Lighting
Campfire Lighting With The Cub Scout Spirit
Campfire Opening
Campfire Opening
Campfire Opening
Campfire Opening
Campfire Opening
Campfire Opening - Campfire Ceremony
Campfire Openings
Campfire, The
Camping Time
Cold Night Weighs
Come What May
Come, come, light up the fire
Cree Indian Opening
Cub Scout Campfire
Each Campfire Lights Anew
Fire is Lit, The
First a curl of Birch Bark
Flames Leaping
Flaming Arrow Fire
For the Campfire
Forests of Long Ago, The
Friends are for Caring
Friendship Logs & Ashes Ceremony
From the North
Good Medicine
Here is an Emblem
Here Soon Will Be Ashes
Hush! Fire's Burning
I Have Known the Peace of the Silent Hills
If You Sit Down at Set of Sun
In the Light of the Campfire
It ain't no use to Grumble
Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Deeds
Kneel When You Light a Fire
Last Campfire
Leap High
Let My Voice Ring Out
Life of a fire, The
Light The Wood
Light up the fire
Lighting of The Spirit of Scouting Flame
Logs Burn, Flames Rise
May Shadows
May this Campfire
May This Fire Touch Us
Music of The Night
No Breathless Hush
North Wind brings the Cold, The
Oh Fire Maker
Oh Fire!
Oh ye of the East be with us
Onward and Upward
Scent of Smoke
Simple Life, The
Sparks that Upward Fly
Stars shining over us, The
Sussex Campfire Opening
Tall Trees
These Things I Have Loved
This is an Emblem
Turn Around Handshake
When Dusk Descended
Where the Campfire's dusky Smoke
Whisper Opening
Who Hath Smelt Woodsmoke
Whose Hand Above the flame is Lifted
Wood Smoke at Eventide