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  Disclaimer Statement From the Retired Scouter

if the mood strikes:


Oct 7, 2016.

Just spent hours trying to figure out what was causing all of the blank screens and 404 errors. Ya, I spotted it on the handy-dandy usage reports. It's an Apache operating system. Uses UPPER and lower case. Some of the critical commands are UPPER case. Won't work in lower case. Fixed what I could. Going to monitor the usage report a bit more closely.


October 4, 2016.

Apparently, when you set a switch to "no" and it should be set to "yes" your most trusted computer program won't work properly, and displays a blank screen. Never quite understood why these things do as they're told to rather than doing what you really intended it to do. Fixed now. I'm embarassed, (well, not really).


September 25, 2016.

I've 'completed' the shift in hosting plans for That was a pain, despite using a pattern matching program. And the whole process points out the absolute need to do the same thing over and over when you're writing something like a website. I think I caught everything, but I'm now monitoring error logs, just in case.


July 26, 2016.

Had a great summer camp. I think everyone enjoyed it.

I've also found out that my All-Purpose Duplicate Checker on my files isn't all that All-purpose. I've just spent a week or so straightening things out. I didn't get them all I suspect, but it looks like I removed 500 or so files. Most of the problems were caused by extra spaces and the slight differences between Windows and Unix punctuation.("Hi there" and "Hi there" we would probably recognize as different, (the first one has two spaces between Hi and there. The second only has one) but my Duplicate Checker says there isn't a match.) The number seems high, but is actually something something like 1.3% of my files. But it was too high to ignore.


I don't do a lot of fine print any more, mainly because even with my reading glasses, I'm having trouble reading small fonts.

So here are my disclaimer points:

1) I am an active Scouter at the Boy Scout level. I have been retired for a number of years. I did not train with BP, I may be retired, but I'm not that old.

2) This site is a personal site where I'm currently storing all of my accumulated 'stuff' that may be of some use to other Scouters. This site is not connected to nor is it supported by any 'official' Scouting Organization. This site does not speak for any 'official' Scouting Organization. This site (and myself) does not and will not interpret policy for any 'official' Scouting Organization.

3) Opinions expressed here are solely those of the Retired Scouter (me). If you don't like the current opinion you can contact me for others, I have plenty. More importantly, I have the time to tell them to you.

4) Information that is downloaded from this site may be used in your program or re-published without asking my permission, I probably glommed it off of somebody else anyways.

5) If you want to copy text from this site, I'd recommend:

a) highlight the text you want to copy, and
b) press ctrl-c.
c) go to your word processor.
d) press ctrl- v.

(An acknowledgement of where you got the info is nice, but not required. Take what you want, but don't use a site sucker or some other software that will p*** me off.)

6) If you're going re-publish somebody else's information that isn't from this site, you should ask for their permission first.

7) Important: Some links/files may not reflect the current scouting programming in your local area.

8) Camp coffee is an art and very few of us know how to prepare it properly, and no, I won't share.

9) Please note that I have obtained a large number of really good files and ideas from the Internet Archive. Also known as Also known in some circles as The Wayback Machine. Surprisingly, a lot of scouting units have this urge to put all kinds of scouting information on their websites and then they don't renew the domain name, obviously for some basic reason. So the domain is either snapped up by traffic accumulators or just 'die'. If the Archive has visited their site, it will generally have copies of mostly everything on the dead website. If the domain is lapsed (this part is important to me) and if the information is 'useful', I'll copy the information to under the premise that the information was originally put there to share with other scouters and I'm just continuing that sharing. You can refer to #4 above. I originally started this project as busy work (beats sitting around at the Old People's Day Center), and if you'll take the time to look at the page numbers, all (or most) of them begin with 'wb' which at one time stood for 'WayBack'. I absolutely, positively DO NOT use any information from any active websites. I have so much stuff accumulated I figure that it should take me 'forever' to sort it all.

10) I am aware that some of the files that I have contain 'words' or 'word combinations' that are not quite acceptable these days. I'm also aware that I didn't update those files to current 'standards'. No, I'm not going to update them. The information that I have spans (mumble, mumble) decades and it was current at the time it was first issued. I also acknowledge that I am avoiding certain topics, but I'll leave that for you to figure out.

And if you're remotely interested, yes, I ran a website back in the late 1990's. I still run across references to it.