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  From Retired Scouter's Files.

Cub Scout Multi Advancement Ceremonies

Multi-Advancement Ceremony Poem

Bobcat: I had to make some promises, To become a Bobcat Scout. To follow help, and give goodwill, That's what Cub Scouting's all about.

Wolf: The back and front rolls were easy, Making games was fun, But when it came to giving directions, I almost didn't get done.

I had to earn the Wolf badge, It meant a lot to me, Finally I learned my directions. And a Wolf Cub Scout I would be.

Bear: I never wrote a letter before, Let alone a 100 word essay, Or ever learned to throw a rope To hit a marker 20 feet away.

And now that I've earned the Bear badge, All that and a whole lot more, Makes me feel that much smarter, Than I ever felt before.

Webelos: Now that I'm a ten year old, I belong to a Webelos den. Activity badges I'll try to earn, Like Athlete, Forester, and Outdoorsman.

Arrow of Light: The Oath and Law are memorized, Graduation day is tonight (or in sight) I am prepared for what's ahead, I've earned the Arrow of Light!

It's hard to say goodbye to friends. Cub Scouting's meant a lot to me, But it's time I start the upward trail, For it's an Eagle Scout I want to be.

Cubmaster: Now that we have had the ranks explained, we would like to recognize those boys in our Pack who have earned those ranks.

(At this time you will have the advancing boys come forward with their parents and award the badges.)