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Bear to Webelos - Broken Arrow
EQUIPMENT: One Arrow for each boy with name inscribed. Notch each arrow on the top and bottom, about 3 inches apart.


CUBMASTER: You and your family have worked together to develop the skills of the Wolf and Bear.

Together, you have strengthened your family and the Scouting family. You will now start on the Trail of the Webelos. Your goal is the Arrow of Light.

This group of arrows represents you, your family, your adult Scouting Leaders, the Pack, and the Chartering Organization. Without any of these people, Scouting would not be strong. Take this group of arrows. Together, as a group, the arrows are strong.

As you have notice, your names are on the arrows. When your arrow remains in the group, the strength of the group is added to it. Without any of the other members, Scouting will break as easily as I break this arrow (Break each boys' arrow over his shoulder. Hand the point to the parents and the fletched end to the boy.)

Parents, you have received the head of the arrow. This signifies that you and the Webelos Leaders will guide these scouts over the next two years. New Webelos, you have received the flight feathers. This signifies your travels during the next two years. Your journey will end in two years with most of you reaching the Arrow of Light. At the end of that journey, you will have enabled this arrow to, once again, fly straight and true.

When the time for their Arrow of Light ceremony comes, collect the arrows, fit the notches back together and use glue and twine to wrap them and make them whole again. Present them to the boys at their Arrow of Light Ceremony.